*thinks about stocks while site goes down*






Someone has on their blog “I’m thankful I’m not fully white” what the fuck

theyre just happy w their skincolor man…dont worry

No I’m not offended it’s just racist

how is it racist?

They’re stating that it’s a bad thing to be white like “thank god I’m only half white” that would be like me saying “thank god I’m not black” and we can all see how racist that is


i cant be stopped


i cant be stopped

camping out smugglers cove is always the worst cos i never get anything and its so dam frustrating i just wanna get rich quick

i had a dream last night that i had a seizure like i crumpled to the floor and started having a fit wtf??

shoyrulu replied to your link “lilblovesu”

nooo, i didn’t know again!

its ok you didn’t miss much lmao i mostly just sat and did my assignments and listened to music you’d hate i miss you though i love you xoxo

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Name: Josiah
Nickname: JoE(!!), Josie (unfortunately), King of Swag
Birthday: Nah I ain’t about it/1994
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Str8
Height: 5’10(ish. I think?)
What time and date is it there: September 9, 8:29pm
Average hours of sleep: If I don’t have class I sleep for like 10 hours but if I do usually between 6-7
OTPs: Nah I ain’t about this either
The last thing I Googled was: “Incorporating Aboriginal perspectives in childcare”
First word that comes to mind: swag
What i last said to a family member: “DO WOMEN KNOW ABOUT SHRINKAGE?” to my sister after watching Seinfeld
One place that makes me happy and why: Cameron’s dad’s house its got such a pretty view of the river and palm trees and I feel so at home there with my best friends and I’m also usually drunk there too :)))
How many blankets I sleep under: I always gotta have at least a sheet man I can never go unsheeted. Atm tho its a sheet n doona n blanky
Favorite beverage: Beeeeeerrr!
The last movie i watched in the cinema was: I never go to the movies lmao um idek?? Probably the Lego movie?
Three things I can’t live without: Music, my laptop, sweet foods
Something I plan on learning:  How to look after kids properly and also one day I hope I can learn to play guitar or somethin so I don’t feel like a complete failure
A piece of advice for all my followers:  Just love everyone I am so passionate right now about loving everyone and its making my life really nice and I encourage you to try it cos people who are all like “people suck i hate people” are always grumpy but if you love people life starts looking heaps nicer just give it a go maybe
You have to LISTEN to this song: um for no particular reason listen to hurt by yung lean cos it goes hard as hell (recommended listening whilst blezzed as hecks) (also defs watch the film clip its part of the experience)

thank youuu battlefaeriebalancedbreakfast <3

finna tag aneopointmakesmehollahoneybooboo, shoyrulu, iheartchokatos, caylis, neostruggz, gnorbuexplorers,blumalou, hasee-yay, emo-bmo, and anyone else who feels like doin it just go for it!!



I look and feel awful and have heaps of work to do but I feel like I need to be around people to some capacity today so I’m gonna sit in here and probably listen to drone (which you can mute if you don’t wanna listen) while I work on assignments feel free to come and sit with me or something idk I probably won’t talk or do much I just need people

i’m back now but in a different room

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